Art Toy Photography. Gallery event: "The Truth about Pinocchio"


ART TOY GAMA Collective...
Erakusketa: Pinochoren egia. Ipuinak kontatzeko beste era bat
An Exhibition of Contemporary Art...
Between the days 22-29 November, coinciding with the celebration of the International Puppet Festival in the city of Tolosa (Basque Country,Spain), “Titirijai 2014, ART TOY GAMA Collective have organized in GKO Gallery –Tolosa-, an ART TOY & DESIGNER exhibition entitled "The truth about Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling" and will participate artists from Japan, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and Spain
ART TOY PHOTOGRAPHY by Ura Iturralde Larrañaga

Artwork by SICKEMIL
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Artwork by JALOS


Artwork by VUITBITS

Artwork by OJOFRITO

Artwork by LEE SIERRA (BigLeeDaBoss)