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Between the days 22-29 November, coinciding with the celebration of the International Puppet Festival in the city of Tolosa (Spain), “Titirijai 2014, ART TOY GAMA Collective have organized in GKO Gallery –Tolosa-, an ART TOY exhibition entitled "The truth of Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling" and will participate artists from Japan, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and Spain
Designer toys from SPAIN  by VUITBITS

This Art Work  presented here
and that will be part of the Exhibition is available for presale NOW!
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This is the story of Pinocchio Vuitbits,
that after years as a Geppetto puppet he decided to escape to become what he always wanted to be,
a bad video game character.

He had his appearance as one of the villains of Alex Kidd in Miracle World where he had to confront the protagonist,
in a battle like no other playing rock-paper-scissors.

Alex suffered major defeats against one of his enraged enemies, Pinocchio,

nicknamed for the occasion as Nose Head,

and which also had the quality of not to use in his games nor stone neither paper or scissors.

He used nose, a technique too powerful for the little Alex.

After the Franchise Business was over,
Nose Head decided to return to the beginning, a
nd he came out of the screens to become a designer toy.
He would no longer be anyone's puppet anymore.

Radiohead: "Creep"