The Truth about Pinocchio. Art Toy & Designer Exhibition in SPAIN

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An Exhibition of Contemporary Art...
Between the days 22-29 November, coinciding with the celebration of the International Puppet Festival in the city of Tolosa (Spain), “Titirijai 2014, ART TOY GAMA Collective have organized in GKO Gallery –Tolosa-, an ART TOY & DESIGNER exhibition entitled "The truth of Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling" and will participate artists from Japan, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and Spain

Antu (Chile) Judas Arrieta (Spain) Artefacto Inc.(Colombia) Mario Bosse (Indonesia) Bruscolino (Italy) The Criaturas (Spain) J.F.Muro (Spain) Flüke Graf (Spain) Fran Ferriz (Spain) HX Studio (Spain) Jose Herrera - Creaturitas (USA) Jalos (Spain) Kiboochan (France) LABADANzky (Italy) Pablo Llorens - Potens (Spain) Cedric Lombardo (France) Art Toy Maison -La Maison de Mageritdoll (Spain) Melodreama (Canada) Ojofrito (Spain) Olga Ruiz (Spain) SO -DS (France) Squid & Pig (Spain) T.W.A. Toyz Wit Attitudes (Spain) Lee Sierra (USA) Emilio Subirá - Sickemil (Spain) Jake Valentine (USA) Vuitbits (Spain) Wuzone Customs (Spain) Hiroshi Yoshii (Japan) Doctor Zamenhof (Spain) César Zanardi (Argentina)
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