Steampunk Mageritdoll in NEW YORK COMIC CON with SUB-URBAN VINYL TOYS and ART

Mageritdoll, dressed like a galactic STEAMPUNK warrior, will be in NEW YORK COMIC CON with a great weapon and propellers on her back... thanks to SUB - URBAN VINYL TOYS AND ART ...
SUB - URBAN VINYL is your one stop shop for designer toys, and art pieces from the finest artists in the Urban Vinyl industry.
Located less than a hour out of New York City, Sub Urban Vinyl is an art gallery and designer toy store in Northern New Jersey
They will be (and Mageritdoll too)... in BOOTH 208

Mageritdoll: la Personalidad de un Juguete de Diseño (Art Toy)
de Resina único, español y de Pequeña Alta Costura.

Alto: 6 centímetros. Tall: 6 centimeters. 2.5 inches
Juguete de Diseño de Resina. Resin Toy
Juguete de Autor único.
One of a kind Toy.
Handmade Toy.
Design Toy