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Between the days 22-29 November, coinciding with the celebration of the International Puppet Festival in the city of Tolosa (Spain), “Titirijai 2014, ART TOY GAMA Collective have organized in GKO Gallery –Tolosa-, an ART TOY exhibition entitled "The truth of Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling" and will participate artists from Japan, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and Spain. 
Designer toys from SPAIN by EMILIO SUBIRA (Web)

This Art Work  presented here
and that will be part of the Exhibition is available for presale NOW!
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"My idea has been to represent Johnny Pinocchio
as a character who has given up his innocence killing Jiminy Cricket
with his newly embraced lies in the transition from child to adult...

Someone said that "the artist lies to tell the truth".
A character with canvas - head showing Pinocchio
maybe can only have as a nose that brush with which to paint his lies.
In this way the work has a double reading from the perspective of the art world.
Are his lies a perversion of innocence or a trick to the survival of that?

In his chest you can read "Lie Young", a play on words referring to the famous phrase
"Die young and leave a beautiful corpse" (Die young and stay pretty).
In this case we could say "lie young and keeps correct appearances."

The Art is worked with spray paint and acrylic paint applied
with both brush and airbrush and pen details.
The brush is handmade in epoxy resin and polymer clay.
The entire piece is glazed with acrylic paints industrial range.

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