In these days this little resin toy ... is flying to NEW YORK COMIC CON with her superpowers thanks to SUB - URBAN VINYL TOYS AND ART ...
SUB - URBAN VINYL is your one stop shop for designer toys, and art pieces from the finest artists in the Urban Vinyl industry.
Located less than a hour out of New York City, Sub Urban Vinyl is an art gallery and designer toy store in Northern New Jersey
They will be (and Mageritdoll too)... in BOOTH 208

When you're a superheroine you have to face many dangers...
and you have to be prepared to face them.

She is unique, she is special, she knows she is not perfect and that's good ... she is Mageritdoll!. Nothing and no one will prevent she fulfills her mission, to dare to be different ...

Mageritdoll comes in a custom made 100 x 100 x 100 millimeters acrylic display case with a base lid covered in black paper with magnet centered inside and with 4 silicone legs in the base. It has a heat wrap packaging - printed in silver with the logo of the brand. A handmade presentation designed and conceived exclusively for La Maison de Mageritdoll

Tall: 6 centimeters / 2.5 inches Weight: 70 grams aprox
This time Mageritdoll goes dressed like a Superheroine with her flying coat

the Personality of OOAK Petite Haute Couture Spanish Resin Art Toy (Toy Design)
Alto: 6 centímetros. Tall: 6 centimeters. 2.5 inches
Juguete de Diseño de Resina. Resin Toy
Juguete de Autor único.
One of a kind Toy.
Handmade Toy.
Design Toy