Mageritdoll: Steampunk (+ QEE - TOY2R) at TOYCON UK with THE TOY CHRONICLE


ToyCon UK  
is the UK's only dedicated designer toy convention, taking place on 12th April 2014, 
 in London. 
SOON you will find this resin art toy in  12.4.14  
Art TOY Photography by OLGA RUIZ
QEE toys from HONG KONG 
Mageritdoll: the Personality of OOAK Petite Haute Couture Spanish Resin Art Toy (Toy Design)

Mageritdoll: la Personalidad de un Juguete de Diseño (Art Toy) de Resina único, español y de Pequeña Alta Costura.


Alto: 6 centímetros. Tall: 6 centimeters. 2.5 inches
Juguete de Diseño de Resina. Resin Toy
Juguete de Autor único.
One of a kind Toy.
Handmade Toy.
Design Toy